Microsoft Sql Publishing Wizard from Command Line

IMHO one aspect missing in MS SQL had always been the lack of a convenient tool for scripting SQL data records.

Different history of MySQL were it always existed.

Microsoft has a package that is not more published separately, because it’s been integrated into VS 2008 and later.

On Internet you can find only version 1.1

If you retrieve it from somewhere else (version 1.4) or if you have VS installed, it can be found on paths like this:

cd “C: Program Files Microsoft SQL Server 90 Tools Publishing 1.4”

obtained the beloved package, you can use a command like this:

SqlPubWiz.exe script-C “Data Source = mydbserver myinstance; Initial Catalog = mydbname; uid = myuser; pwd = mypass” output_filename.sql TargetServer-f-2008-q

and you have a full backup of SQL on files!

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