Eulogika together with Proservice wins the First Prize for International Innovation at Metef 2010

We are glad to communicate that the web-based platform named “ITACA WEB”, that we have developed over last years on behalf of ProService s.r.l. with the purpose of solving inbuilt limits of control software of the metallurgical process, has been selected as the winner of the first edition of the International Innovation Award Metef 2010, for the category “Technologies and Processes”.

The Award is intended to valorize (according to the following parameters: degree of originality and innovation, the performance features and the competitive advantages, the energy saving and eco-sustainability) the innovative content proposed by the exhibiting companies in the different areas of interest at the 2010 edition of the International Aluminum Exhibition.

We remind you that on ITACA WEB are based the software ITACA (for the control of the cast iron quality) and ATHENA (for the control of the molten aluminum quality) software, as evidence, once again, of the high level of innovation and performance features that distinguish these two products developed by Eulogika on behalf of ProService s.r.l.

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