Always Run Visual Studio 2012 or 2013 or other application as Administrator in Windows 8

If you are using Windows 8 and annoyed of doing right click and “Run As Administrator” for Visual Studio and then Open Solution/Project?

Then do the following task :

Follow these simple steps:

Find the application to run (for Visual Studio right Click on “devenv.exe”)
Click “Troubleshoot compatibility”
Click “Troubleshoot program”
Check “The program requires additional permissions”
Click “Next”
Click “Test the program…”. It should launch Visual Studio as Administrator
Click “Next”
Click “Yes, save these settings for this program”
Click “Close the troubleshooter”

Now the Visual Studio will always run as Administrator.
In future, when you no longer need it, you can revert it back to default following similar steps above by Unchecking “The program requires additional permissions”.

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